Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vintage Music vs Modern Music

No, I'm not gonna start a debate over The Beatles and the new bands. We all know it only leads to one answer: "The Beatles is unbeatable!" and those other stuffs we know. While I was browsing through my Twitter account for friends' updates, I saw Ryan Ross' (former guitarist of Panic! at the Disco) tweet which stated about his new band. And since I'm a fan of the band, I visited his new band's myspace page. Ryan's new band was called The Young Veins. From then on, I knew what was Brendon Urie's (vocalist of P!ATD) genre and Ryan's genre.

Vintage Music anybody?
The Young Veins (Ryan Ross' new band) managed to make their band to sound like the 70's again. Which was I believed, Ryan Ross' genre. Or in a simple way...

Classic Music = Joyful music with sad lyrics. That's what I observed.
Ryan Ross' "Change" = Vintage music, Deep lyrics.

Let's jump to Modern Music shall we?
Panic! at the Disco will soon be having their 3rd album and all I can say is that they are doing their Panic! thing again. Everybody knows Pretty. Odd. (2nd album) was probably their "downfall" album compared to their 1st one, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. The 2nd album was turned to 70's music, instead of their Dance Rock/Pop genre. It made their fans confused of the switch in genre. With their new single "New Perspective" I'm sure their fans including myself, would love to buy their new album soon. So...

Modern Music = ...Free genre? or Pop? Things have changed, you know.
Brendon Urie's "New Perspective" = Pop music, can't compete with Ryan Ross' deep lyrics. Still maintains the Panic!'s Dance Rock/ Pop theme.

So Panic! at the Disco fans, you tell me which musician struck you most.

The Young Veins' Myspace page with "Change":

Panic! at the Disco's Myspace page with "New Perspective":

Later Bloggers!

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