Friday, July 31, 2009

We own the night, I wish this lasts forever.

Happy, Happy Friday! I went to Anna and Frances' house! Thanks for inviting me guys! :D And Due, I never expected you to be that funny! :D I'm quite hyper now, and there.
We danced, we watched "VAN WILDER FRESHMAN YEAR" and it was awesome! Too bad I didn't finish the movie. :)) There's was too much R-18 stuffs anyway, *cough*.

Again...Happy, Happy Friday! Oooohh!! Dustland Fairytale is playing. hahaha. Hyper. Perhaps, too hyper. Went home late today. I don't know why. I don't usually go home late when I have no plans and stuff. Whatever. Being with her made my Friday the greatest Friday so far. :) Sorry, I had to say that. Couldn't hold it in. hahahahaha.

It's raining, it's pouring, and everybody's playing. :) Rain during nighttime is my favorite type of nighttime. :) AND! I learned that being PATIENT is really worth doing! I can only tell you guys that you should always be patient if you want something really bad. It really is worth the wait!

Patience, Patience and Patience. I waited, and I was rewarded.
I will never leave you. :)

Later Bloggers!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Were Young will be released!

Next Monday, at the classroom of IV - Hurtado, I will officially let my classmates and friends hear "We Were Young". I guess their lucky since they'll hear the full song Hahahahaha. This gig was not made possible if my friend didn't have his problems. So I might step in and sing a song or two.

Oh and Where's Madison? members. We might postpone the recording on August. :( But we might record WWY on September or October. We'll have to wait till then. :)

Joshua! Be at the classroom before 6 : 40! I can't do the "whoahowoahohaw" thing when you're not singing hahahahaha. If you're busy, then oh well, I'll have to do it ALONE. This ain't just a "gig" man. It's a GIG FOR A CAUSE. It's for Stephen Kabingue and his heart hahahahahah.

It's 10:30 PM and this is always the time wherein I always think about my college life. Honestly, I don't want to leave my friends yet. I just can't. It's toooooo eeeaarrrllyyy. And I don't want to do any foolish stuff this year since I'm on probation. :(

Oh and Uncle Ian, don't worry, I'll still continue with my studies. I just wrote this blog about my band because there's still that energy in me. Don't worry. :)

Missing Filemon is playing on my playlist now. :) "sine-sine".

Later Bloggers!

Looong AAgggoooo

What's worse than not having your privacy?

I know.

Ever tried sleeping outside your room? I've tried it.

My bed was moved without my permission and I just had the worst Wednesday ever, so far. I was having the 2 Wednesdays in a row great mood thing so yeah, I guess the streak was broken yesterday. ( I don't know what I'm saying anymore hahahaha) So minutes ago I had a conversation with my very good friend, Kelvin. It felt good talking to him again. We haven't communicated for about 2 months or so. So I guess it's good to talk to old friends again. :D

He told me about school things and girl things that. You know, the usual men talk. :D
He plans to reunite Where's Madison? again which is verrryy gooooood. I am so excited on our reunion again. :D You'll see him at school someday. He'll be the star on that night. :D

If you find my title weird, it's because I was listening to "Helena" by My Chemical Romance. I just missed that song, so it wouldn't hurt listening to it. :D

Hey! No Classes Tomorrow!!!!!! :D

Later Bloggers!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cebu Music Marathon

Cebu's music industry is really, really growing. Great bands from Cebu are arriving and they bring so much great music. So good that it gives us those last song syndromes. I believe the band Sheila and the Insects perhaps started it all. How long have they been in this Cebu music? I think about 1990's? or something?
And the way I look at it their friends are doing the same and still provide with great music.

That's why I support Cebu local music.

Another band called The Line Divides is also becoming a big scene in Cebu. Click on their link at the side for more information about them and listen to their songs. You'll never expect something like this coming out of a Cebuano. Even I was shocked. The first time I heard them was at a concert in The Outpost. And immediately I was hooked by their song "Daydream Dance" (which I am currently listening to). With their new pop beat mixed with heavy guitar riffs, they really know what they're doing which is making the audience dance with them.

So that's why for this whole Sunday, I have made my playlist to ALL CEBU BANDS. Cattski, SATI, The Line Divides, Powerspoonz, Missing Filemon and of course, Urbandub. I want to feel the Cebuano within me and make myself proud of it!

Long live Cebu Music!

Later Bloggers! :D

Oh Sunday

It's a Sunday and there's school tomorrow. Oh well. A random text message was sent to me by someone and I am really freaked out about it. Yesterday, someone cursed me late night, and now what? Am I really that bad? What did I do?

Mysterious Curser, stop it. I don't know what I did. Leave me alone and have your own life.

I was taught how to drive a car by manual. And I tell you, there's a big difference when driving manual and automatic. A BIG, BIG difference. I was shaking after I drove the car. It's a good thing though that I learned a little bit about shifting gears. It's like switching the chords only it's a car, and you're scared it might get hit. Oh well, soon, I'll be driving my car and nightlife will be mine! Hahahaha!

Later Bloggers!


Wow. It's 12 30 AM and someone just chatted me. Got scared a little bit since this person said "Fuck you" randomly. Which really opened my eye. Hahahahaha Whatever. Might see this person at school on Monday and cowardly stare. hahahaha I'm not a fighter. I don't fight. I don't know why, but it's in my genes.

The Killers is on my playlist right now which means I'm almost going to sleep. Wait. I should be sleeping right now since it's 12:40 and there's nothing to do. :D I will find that person and hunt him down! (I hope so) Or at least someone will. Hahahaha Nah, I'll let karma do the work. :D

Do you believe in karma?

I know I do. There was this one time where I had to suffer for three days and I couldn't even remember what I did wrong. So there you go! Karma IS REAL! So don't do bad things! :D

Foolish Friends.

I love this Picture

For some reason, I really wanted to post this picture. This was taken from February this year. It was last school year. I really can't remember what we were so amazed about. But I think it was our batch's prom dance practice. Foolishly, we would cheer our hearts out in watching them. I also had to post this pic since I heard "21 Guns" by GREENDAY and somehow it touched me when I looked at this picture.

See that guy at the far right? (Not beside me, click the pick to enlarge)

That's Kelvin Maureal. He is Where's Madison's drummer and I believe he is good in drums. I trust him completely with everything. It's weird to say it, but when you'll have him as a buddy, you'd feel the same way too. But he transferred to another school. Which means writing new songs is hard. :(

It's 12 PM and it's oldies night for me! I am now listening to "put your head on my shoulder" by PAUL ANKA. Wow. It's still touching in so many ways. We should cover this. hahahaha Or should we? No, I think we might get caught for copyright. hahahahaha Anyway, friends are our mirrors sometimes. They're the only people in this world that's worth trusting.

Make a friend right now! :D