Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looong AAgggoooo

What's worse than not having your privacy?

I know.

Ever tried sleeping outside your room? I've tried it.

My bed was moved without my permission and I just had the worst Wednesday ever, so far. I was having the 2 Wednesdays in a row great mood thing so yeah, I guess the streak was broken yesterday. ( I don't know what I'm saying anymore hahahaha) So minutes ago I had a conversation with my very good friend, Kelvin. It felt good talking to him again. We haven't communicated for about 2 months or so. So I guess it's good to talk to old friends again. :D

He told me about school things and girl things that. You know, the usual men talk. :D
He plans to reunite Where's Madison? again which is verrryy gooooood. I am so excited on our reunion again. :D You'll see him at school someday. He'll be the star on that night. :D

If you find my title weird, it's because I was listening to "Helena" by My Chemical Romance. I just missed that song, so it wouldn't hurt listening to it. :D

Hey! No Classes Tomorrow!!!!!! :D

Later Bloggers!

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