Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh Sunday

It's a Sunday and there's school tomorrow. Oh well. A random text message was sent to me by someone and I am really freaked out about it. Yesterday, someone cursed me late night, and now what? Am I really that bad? What did I do?

Mysterious Curser, stop it. I don't know what I did. Leave me alone and have your own life.

I was taught how to drive a car by manual. And I tell you, there's a big difference when driving manual and automatic. A BIG, BIG difference. I was shaking after I drove the car. It's a good thing though that I learned a little bit about shifting gears. It's like switching the chords only it's a car, and you're scared it might get hit. Oh well, soon, I'll be driving my car and nightlife will be mine! Hahahaha!

Later Bloggers!

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