Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Were Young will be released!

Next Monday, at the classroom of IV - Hurtado, I will officially let my classmates and friends hear "We Were Young". I guess their lucky since they'll hear the full song Hahahahaha. This gig was not made possible if my friend didn't have his problems. So I might step in and sing a song or two.

Oh and Where's Madison? members. We might postpone the recording on August. :( But we might record WWY on September or October. We'll have to wait till then. :)

Joshua! Be at the classroom before 6 : 40! I can't do the "whoahowoahohaw" thing when you're not singing hahahahaha. If you're busy, then oh well, I'll have to do it ALONE. This ain't just a "gig" man. It's a GIG FOR A CAUSE. It's for Stephen Kabingue and his heart hahahahahah.

It's 10:30 PM and this is always the time wherein I always think about my college life. Honestly, I don't want to leave my friends yet. I just can't. It's toooooo eeeaarrrllyyy. And I don't want to do any foolish stuff this year since I'm on probation. :(

Oh and Uncle Ian, don't worry, I'll still continue with my studies. I just wrote this blog about my band because there's still that energy in me. Don't worry. :)

Missing Filemon is playing on my playlist now. :) "sine-sine".

Later Bloggers!

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