Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foolish Friends.

I love this Picture

For some reason, I really wanted to post this picture. This was taken from February this year. It was last school year. I really can't remember what we were so amazed about. But I think it was our batch's prom dance practice. Foolishly, we would cheer our hearts out in watching them. I also had to post this pic since I heard "21 Guns" by GREENDAY and somehow it touched me when I looked at this picture.

See that guy at the far right? (Not beside me, click the pick to enlarge)

That's Kelvin Maureal. He is Where's Madison's drummer and I believe he is good in drums. I trust him completely with everything. It's weird to say it, but when you'll have him as a buddy, you'd feel the same way too. But he transferred to another school. Which means writing new songs is hard. :(

It's 12 PM and it's oldies night for me! I am now listening to "put your head on my shoulder" by PAUL ANKA. Wow. It's still touching in so many ways. We should cover this. hahahaha Or should we? No, I think we might get caught for copyright. hahahahaha Anyway, friends are our mirrors sometimes. They're the only people in this world that's worth trusting.

Make a friend right now! :D

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