Friday, August 14, 2009

Step by step people!

The greatest thing about songwriting is that you get to see your material get nurtured and begin to be in good shape. We had a material(song) called "Remembering 1984" which was really supposed to be a mellow type of song. But it doesn't suit our genre at ALL. So the wise bass player Philip Sanico had to place in "touches" using Guitar Pro to make it more "Madison" sound like.

And thus, distortions and pop beats were added.

It was a bit fast, but hey it wasn't final yet. :) We still had our own imagination of what "Metal Pop" would sound like or better yet "Pop with Distortion". If it's a song you made then you're free to do with what you like with your material.

Remembering 1984 - From Mellow to "Distorted Pop". Philip Sanico, thank you bai!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oh yes, yes, yes. I'm actually writing a blog about Batman. C'mon, what's not to like about this hero? He's got brains and brawn. Even though he can't fly like Superman, run fast like flash, shoot green beams like Green Lantern, but why does he manage to survive?

Because he thinks.

Not all of us actually think before we do something. We just do things right away without going to the phase "WHAT IF?". It's like we're drunk or something.

Anyways, Batman is awesome. Like him or not, He has successful films the past years. Including the recent one, "The Dark Knight".

Better look forward for his new movie. Not sure yet!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vintage Music vs Modern Music

No, I'm not gonna start a debate over The Beatles and the new bands. We all know it only leads to one answer: "The Beatles is unbeatable!" and those other stuffs we know. While I was browsing through my Twitter account for friends' updates, I saw Ryan Ross' (former guitarist of Panic! at the Disco) tweet which stated about his new band. And since I'm a fan of the band, I visited his new band's myspace page. Ryan's new band was called The Young Veins. From then on, I knew what was Brendon Urie's (vocalist of P!ATD) genre and Ryan's genre.

Vintage Music anybody?
The Young Veins (Ryan Ross' new band) managed to make their band to sound like the 70's again. Which was I believed, Ryan Ross' genre. Or in a simple way...

Classic Music = Joyful music with sad lyrics. That's what I observed.
Ryan Ross' "Change" = Vintage music, Deep lyrics.

Let's jump to Modern Music shall we?
Panic! at the Disco will soon be having their 3rd album and all I can say is that they are doing their Panic! thing again. Everybody knows Pretty. Odd. (2nd album) was probably their "downfall" album compared to their 1st one, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. The 2nd album was turned to 70's music, instead of their Dance Rock/Pop genre. It made their fans confused of the switch in genre. With their new single "New Perspective" I'm sure their fans including myself, would love to buy their new album soon. So...

Modern Music = ...Free genre? or Pop? Things have changed, you know.
Brendon Urie's "New Perspective" = Pop music, can't compete with Ryan Ross' deep lyrics. Still maintains the Panic!'s Dance Rock/ Pop theme.

So Panic! at the Disco fans, you tell me which musician struck you most.

The Young Veins' Myspace page with "Change":

Panic! at the Disco's Myspace page with "New Perspective":

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Friday, August 7, 2009

As The Sun Kisses The Sea

Just saw the greatest thing ever:

From Sheila and the Insect's Website:
"Jerros, who’s in law school, said he couldn’t do the scheduled August 22 weekend, that being the scheduled midterms. The rest of us though would be available. Jai suggested that we consider getting a session drummer just for that gig. I wasn’t too keen on the idea but I left it to the group to decide. Everybody calls the shots in this group. Not exactly a democracy though. More like equally strong-willed tyrants running countries sharing borders. Imagine the cold war were the nuclear deterrent kept the fragile peace. Okay, I exaggerate. But, like I said before, this is a band of band leaders.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing.

We decided to get Edrik of The Line Divides and jammed last week. I will say one thing; he’s one really talented drummer. We started the session with Quick to Panic and finished the song feeling like we’d been playing it for years. That’s how good he is. Which, in a nutshell, is reflective of the level of talent of the new bands here in Cebu. The Line Divides in particular."
WOW. THAT IS BIG. Someone should video that event gig!!! It would be a "sneak preview" of The Line Divides and SATI performing together. :D Sucks it has to be in Manila though. :(
So Sheila and the Insects is back! :)

For more info about them:

Watch the Sonic Boom Event in Manila on August 22, 2009. It starts on 6 PM. :)

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It's that time again, people. The studying, the cramming, and of course the cheating (I'm kidding). But seriously, I'm really having trouble with my studies and I have to pass the periodical test for complete effort! WOW. Never thought 4th year high school would be this hard. It's gonna be a 3 day test, as usual. Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. I can't wait for this to be finished already. I know I'm gonna fail. :(

The only option?
Second Quarter.

If I can't make it this 1st quarter, then I swear, I will put my blood and sweat on the line to get high grades. :) That means no more late night-outs. :( Endure, endure. Crap.

So to all students who are taking their periodical tests, GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS! :)

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Friday, July 31, 2009

We own the night, I wish this lasts forever.

Happy, Happy Friday! I went to Anna and Frances' house! Thanks for inviting me guys! :D And Due, I never expected you to be that funny! :D I'm quite hyper now, and there.
We danced, we watched "VAN WILDER FRESHMAN YEAR" and it was awesome! Too bad I didn't finish the movie. :)) There's was too much R-18 stuffs anyway, *cough*.

Again...Happy, Happy Friday! Oooohh!! Dustland Fairytale is playing. hahaha. Hyper. Perhaps, too hyper. Went home late today. I don't know why. I don't usually go home late when I have no plans and stuff. Whatever. Being with her made my Friday the greatest Friday so far. :) Sorry, I had to say that. Couldn't hold it in. hahahahaha.

It's raining, it's pouring, and everybody's playing. :) Rain during nighttime is my favorite type of nighttime. :) AND! I learned that being PATIENT is really worth doing! I can only tell you guys that you should always be patient if you want something really bad. It really is worth the wait!

Patience, Patience and Patience. I waited, and I was rewarded.
I will never leave you. :)

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Were Young will be released!

Next Monday, at the classroom of IV - Hurtado, I will officially let my classmates and friends hear "We Were Young". I guess their lucky since they'll hear the full song Hahahahaha. This gig was not made possible if my friend didn't have his problems. So I might step in and sing a song or two.

Oh and Where's Madison? members. We might postpone the recording on August. :( But we might record WWY on September or October. We'll have to wait till then. :)

Joshua! Be at the classroom before 6 : 40! I can't do the "whoahowoahohaw" thing when you're not singing hahahahaha. If you're busy, then oh well, I'll have to do it ALONE. This ain't just a "gig" man. It's a GIG FOR A CAUSE. It's for Stephen Kabingue and his heart hahahahahah.

It's 10:30 PM and this is always the time wherein I always think about my college life. Honestly, I don't want to leave my friends yet. I just can't. It's toooooo eeeaarrrllyyy. And I don't want to do any foolish stuff this year since I'm on probation. :(

Oh and Uncle Ian, don't worry, I'll still continue with my studies. I just wrote this blog about my band because there's still that energy in me. Don't worry. :)

Missing Filemon is playing on my playlist now. :) "sine-sine".

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