Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cebu Music Marathon

Cebu's music industry is really, really growing. Great bands from Cebu are arriving and they bring so much great music. So good that it gives us those last song syndromes. I believe the band Sheila and the Insects perhaps started it all. How long have they been in this Cebu music? I think about 1990's? or something?
And the way I look at it their friends are doing the same and still provide with great music.

That's why I support Cebu local music.

Another band called The Line Divides is also becoming a big scene in Cebu. Click on their link at the side for more information about them and listen to their songs. You'll never expect something like this coming out of a Cebuano. Even I was shocked. The first time I heard them was at a concert in The Outpost. And immediately I was hooked by their song "Daydream Dance" (which I am currently listening to). With their new pop beat mixed with heavy guitar riffs, they really know what they're doing which is making the audience dance with them.

So that's why for this whole Sunday, I have made my playlist to ALL CEBU BANDS. Cattski, SATI, The Line Divides, Powerspoonz, Missing Filemon and of course, Urbandub. I want to feel the Cebuano within me and make myself proud of it!

Long live Cebu Music!

Later Bloggers! :D

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